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CT Industries is a professional industrial cleaning services and surface preparation solutions provider. Our trained professionals work together to deliver unsurpassed quality and service creating value for our customers. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

By not only training and installing parts washing systems, but also providing cleaning product distribution and services, we are manufacturers’ leading providers of parts cleaning services and solutions and abrasive blasting equipment in Southern California.

CT Industries delivers comprehensive industrial cleaning supplies, industrial cleaning equipment and parts cleaning solutions that suit needs of manufacturers, industrial plants and machinists throughout Southern California.


Our Mission Statement

To be the leader in optimizing our customers operations by innovating, implementing, and
maintaining chemical cleaning systems, abrasive blast systems & waste minimization systems.

What We Do

Parts cleaning, surface preparation, and de-greasing have become a very important part of the manufacturing process. Whether manual or automated, soak tank or ultrasonic, solvent, or aqueous parts cleaning, we have the industrial parts cleaning method you need. If it is abrasive blasting equipment you require our trained professionals can implement the right abrasive blast system you need.

We look not only at the immediate cleaning requirements, we go up and downstream and find ways to produce enhanced results. By analyzing the entire process, we strive to offer total process improvement, identifying hidden bottlenecks or old technology that can potentially have a detrimental effect on overall process flow.

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Parts Cleaning
  • Equipment Sales (New & Used)
  • Parts Sales – (Factory, Aftermarket, Custom Fabricated)
  • On-Staff Service Technicians
  • Aqueous cleaners, (Aerospace and AQMD Certified), aqueous cleaning systems and ultrasonic cleaning solution
  • Parts washer Solvents
Air & Wheel Blast
  • Equipment Sales (New & Used) including sand blasting and bead blasting equipment
  • Parts Sales – (Factory, Aftermarket, Custom Fabricated)
  • On-Site Repair Technicians
  • Blast Media Sales
  • Dust Collector Service
Waste Management
  • Profiling
  • Manifesting
  • Transportation
  • Off-site Recycling
  • Off-site Disposal
  • Training
Recycling & Waste Minimization Systems
  • Mop Water Recycling
  • Paint Gun Cleaners
  • Solvent Recycling
  • Oil Removal
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Evaporators