Aqueous Parts Cleaner
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What type of Industrial Cleaning Services does CT Industries provide?

CT Industries provides full-service parts and surface cleaning solutions. Our factory trained professionals implement parts washer cleaning systems and abrasive blasting equipment, train your employees and service the equipment. We are authorized dealers for several types ofabrasive blasting equipment, including bead blasting equipment, shot peening cabinets and sand blasting cabinets. CTI’s Fluid Management Service (FMS) is compiled of multiple services to ensure that your cleaning system is performing at its highest efficiency.

What areas do you service?

We service customers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino, and San Diego County. CT Industries is the leading aqueous parts washer company in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California.

Can you explain how a sand blasting cabinet works?

A sand blasting cabinet is essentially a closed loop system that allows the operator to blast the part and recycle the abrasive. Sand blasting cabinets are used to propel abrasives at a part via a high-pressure air stream. The operator blasts the parts from the outside of the cabinet by placing his arms in gloves attached to glove holes on the cabinet, viewing the part through a view window, turning the blast on and off using a foot pedal or treadle. It can abrade into the minutest details and produce a very even finish. The finish can range from a dull satin using abrasives or a bright satin using glass beads. Sandblasting removes small burrs but not heavy burrs. Use sandblasting for light deburring or scale removal and to provide an even finish before painting or plating.


What are the Benefits of Immersion Parts Washers?

The benefits of total immersion parts washing are many. But the biggest benefits is little to no parts washer solvent or blasting shot over spray. Immersion parts washing allows for the parts cleaner solvent to make contact with the entire part, especially small holes and divots, as well as in between stacked compound parts. Immersion parts washers come in several models and CT Industries can provide you with the most effective cleaner solvents for your specific needs. Ask our in-house professional staff which solvents can be used to maintain the warranty on your immersion parts washers.

Can you explain the Passivation Process and Passivation Equipment?

During the machining process, a microscopic amount of free iron may be worn off the cutting tool and transferred to the surface of the workpiece. If left untreated the embedded particles from the cutting tool or its corrosion products may cause an attack of the part itself. Passivation equipment is used as a post fabrication method of maximizing the inherent oxidation resistance of an alloy from which the workpiece was produced. Basically, passivation helps prevent corrosion on metal parts. Passivation remains a critical step in maximizing the essential corrosion resistance of parts and components. It can make the difference between satisfactory performance and premature failure. Passivation baths of citric acid are used to strip the parts of any iron and shop dirt leaving an invisible protective oxide film. CT Industries is a supplier of passivation equipment and citric passivation chemicals. We can deliver, install and train employees on multi tank passivation systems and automated passivation systems.

Does CT Industries supply an oil separator system that really works?

Yes, CT Industries offers several oil water separator systems that are so fast and effective that the recovered oil can actually be recycled. The systems are so versatile, they can used in many commercial and residential situations. When it is necessary to remove oil from water, coalescing plate module type oil water separators are often a good solution because they remove the oil by using only gravity for motive force. No pumping or other utility costs are usually required (although pumped systems can be designed if this is required by the site conditions). Oil separator systems can often be located underground, thus minimizing waste of valuable area on the surface.

How can a conveyor washer help me?

When your parts cleaning process calls for a continuous flow parts cleaning system, then a conveyor washer could be the answer. Conveyor washers are getting more efficient with every new model. It doesn’t matter if it’s an aqueous, immersion or ultrasonic parts washer, CT Industries is an authorized dealer. CT Industries knowledgeable staff can help you choose the conveyor style that best fits your needs, including: belt, chain, indexing, monorail or rotary drum conveyors.

What are the benefits of aqueous parts cleaning?

The aqueous parts washer gives you all the cleaning power of a solvent parts washer but uses cleaning solutions that are safe and biodegradable. Regulations for the use of parts cleaner solvents get more rigorous each year so aqueous parts washers and cleaning solutions are becoming the preferred method of parts cleaning in most industries. Aqueous parts washers are the next generation of water based parts washers and allow complete immersion of your parts, and in some systems, high pressure spray washing. CT Industries is an authorized dealer of aqueous parts washers and provides environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that are AQMD and Aerospace approved.

Will Aqueous cleaning systems and aqueous parts washers cause my parts to rust?

Aqueous parts cleaning detergents sold by CT Industries include special non-hazardous additives and corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts from rusting and corrosion!

What are CT Industries full list of services?

With waste management and minimization as a priority, CT Industries is a turnkey industrial cleaning services company. At CT Industries we install, service and supply you with all your industrial cleaning equipment needs. We will also train your staff how to use all parts washer cleaners and we will service your equipment and deliver parts washer cleaner solvent as they are needed. We can provide you with any parts washers you need or build you a custom system with multiple parts washers to fit your needs.