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CT Industries provides the highest-quality industrial cleaning supplies, equipment, and part cleaning solutions. We serve Southern California machinists, industrial plants and manufacturers.

Southern California Industrial Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

Our industrial cleaning services are second to none. We’re the company to call if you need industrial cleaning equipment or cleaning supplies.

We service the following areas:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange County

It’s essential that manufacturers degrease, clean machinery, and prepare all surfaces. We can provide the means to clean any aqueous, sonic, or solvent part, or soak tank, automatic or manual. We also have the trained staff and equipment to do abrasive blasting.

How CT Industries Works for You

We study the whole cleaning process. This enables us to determine the most effective way to improve the results we provide. It allows us find the issues impacting the process flow, whether it’s old technology or hidden bottlenecks.

We have the cleaning solutions for all parts and surfaces. Our staff can use abrasive blasting technology, parts washing systems, and service the equipment. We also train your people.


We address any questions, concerns, or requests customers have around pricing, products, or availability. We offer next day service to businesses in San Bernardino, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles counties, and other communities in Southern California. We build relationships by offering fast and efficient cleaning service and turnkey solutions.

CT Industries Uses Only the Highest Quality Products

We use only the highest-quality blasting and cleaning products. We ensure results whether you need abrasive blasting supplies, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, aqueous parts cleaners, or passivation equipment. This saves money during manufacturing.

We offer excellent service agreements and turnkey purchase options on our wide range of industrial cleaning equipment, including repairs and rentals. Our parts washer service programs are popular with clients. Our programs help take care of their needs during routine visits. We offer new, used, or reconditioned equipment that improves the manufacturing process and saves you money.

Contact CT Industries for Industrial Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Contact CT Industries at 855-725-3261 to find out more information about our industrial cleaning supplies and equipment. We’re glad to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote today!