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Can CTI’s Service Plans Help with Hazardous Parts Washer Solvents?


Yes CTI’s many service plans can help with hazardous parts washer solvents. While aqueous based cleaners are nonhazardous and use nonhazardous part washer solvents to clean parts and machinery, the process of washing dirty parts could cause the cleaning solution to become contaminated with solvents or metal-bearing oils and greases at levels that may make the waste solution hazardous. In California many of the used part washer solvents and aqueous cleaners can be deemed contaminated especially when cutting oils and machining fluids are involved. The parts cleaner solvents cannot be put into the sanitation system.

CT Industries offers full range of cleaning systems services. Our expertise does not end with the sales of aqueous cleaning systems. We offer a variety of service plans to dispose of contaminated part washer solvents and aqueous cleaners, as well as service your aqueous cleaning systems or abrasive blasting systems. These service plans cover Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino and San Diego. CT Industries is a leading source of aqueous parts washing systems and aqueous parts washing detergents in Southern California. Please call us at 855-727-3261 to find that right aqueous parts washers and detergents for your shop or plant.

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