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Can you Explain the Passivation Process and Passivation Equipment


Passivation is the process of treating or coating a metal in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface. Basically, passivation helps prevent corrosion on metal parts and several different types of passivation are used depending on the type of metal and the specific process. CT Industries is a supplier of passivation equipment and citric passivation chemicals. We can deliver, install and train employees on multi tank passivation systems and automated passivation systems.

Most metals, such as aluminum and titanium are general self-passivating. Exposed valance atoms readily react with the oxygen in the air to form a tough layer of oxide. However, if steel tool are used on such metal, trace amounts of iron can be left on the surface and then turn to rust. Passivating such metals involves removing that iron from the surface with an acid solution.

At CT-Industries we have many clients that use stainless steel in their machine shops, plants and other industrial businesses. We also have many clients that make stainless steel products. During the manufacturing process some of their products may be welded, heated or ground down and expose the surface iron. The exposed iron will then need to be passivated to avoid oxidation.

Automated and multi-tank ultrasonic passivation equipment combined with hot air dryer makes an effective passivation line by housing heated cleaning solution, cascading DI rinse water, citric or nitric acid passivation solution. With multi-tank passivation equipment process moves from left to right whereby parts would be cleaned, rinsed, passivated, rinsed and then dried. The clean and passivation tanks can be optionally equipped with pump filter systems which provide 5 micron filtration of the cleaning and passivation solution.

CT Industries is a leading source for aqueous parts washing systems and aqueous parts washing detergents in Southern California. Please call us at 855-727-3261 to find that right aqueous parts washers and detergents for your shop or plant.

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