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Aqueous Parts Washers: The Clean, Biodegradable System for Parts Washing


Cleaning your industrial parts in water is one the most preferred ways to clean and prepare parts in a manufacturing setting. Water? Sounds simple, right? But can these parts washers cut through all that grease and grime? Yes!

An aqueous parts washer provides all the cleaning power of a solvent parts washer without the use of toxic and environmentally hazardous solvents. Every new generation of aqueous parts washers makes it mores easier and environmentally safe to clean and prepare parts. Many water based part washers are even becoming more economical and smaller allowing for even more practical and daily uses in your machine shop or manufacturing plant.

Simple-to-use and easy to maintain, aqueous cleaning systems effectively clean oils, greases, dirt and the grime made during mechanical use. Because they are biodegradable they can be used on any metal and plastic surface or parts. Cold water systems are even more energy efficient.

Aqueous parts washers not only allow for complete immersion of your parts, but in some systems high pressure spray washing is an option, as well. Both methods use cleaning solutions that are safe and biodegradable. Environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that are AQMD and Aerospace approved are becoming the preferred method of parts cleaning in most industries. CT Industries is a certified dealer of several aqueous parts cleaning systems and we not only install, but we service all models.

Whether you need a compact model that requires manual operation, or a large automated aqueous cleaning system, CT Industries’ sales staff can find the right parts washer for your company’s needs. CT Industries is a leading source of aqueous parts washing systems and aqueous parts washing detergents in Southern California. Please call us at 855-727-3261 to find that right aqueous parts washers and detergents for your shop or plant.

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