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What are my options for Parts Washers in the Automotive Industry?


There are several kinds of parts washers that cater to the automotive industry. One thing to remember is that there are a lot of rules for parts washing and using parts washers in Los Angeles and throughout California. Thankfully you have traditional detergent base parts washers, aqueous part washers, as well as solvent parts washers, which have stricter parts washer solvent disposal regulations compared to aqueous and detergent based parts washers. CT Industries is one of the most experienced dealers of parts washers in the Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, so we can help find a parts washer system that fits your needs.

Parts washer solvent cannot be used in every automotive parts washers system, because the parts washer solvent can eat through some washers and cannot be drained through regular sewage systems. The parts washer solvent must be disposed of in specified waste disposal units to prevent it from damaging the water supply and traditional piping systems used in most municipal water sewage systems. Solvent parts washers can have many benefits over other cleaning systems even with the hazard risk of the solvent cleaner.

Many automobiles have delicate parts that cannot withstand the strength of many parts washer solvents. For these parts, water-based or aqueous parts washers can be used. These water-based parts washers use many different methods from pressure to ultrasonic cleaning methods to obtain the desired results.

CT Industries is a leading source for parts washers throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. CT Industries is an authorized dealer of aqueous parts washing systems and aqueous parts washing detergents in Los Angeles. Please call us at 855-727-3261 to find the right aqueous parts washers and detergents for your shop or plant.

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