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Can I Troubleshoot my Automated Parts Washer?


Automated parts washers are great, easy-to-use parts washer systems that will make a great addition to any small shop or plant. These parts washers can quickly clean small and awkward parts with parts washer solvents, aqueous parts cleaning solutions and other cleaning methods, including agitation. While you can troubleshoot your automated parts washer, it is better to use your certified service dealer to actually fix the problem.

Remember, CT Industries is an authorized dealer of parts washers in Los Angeles and the surrounding region. CT Industries also supplies its clients with parts washer solvents and aqueous parts washer fluid and other cleaning materials. We will even service your equipment. Please call us at 855-727-3261 to find the right aqueous parts washers or solvent parts washers for your shop or plant. Below are a few of the most frequent issues with automated parts washers.

Jet distance: In some parts washers, the spray nozzle is either too close or too far from the parts being washed. This prevents the parts from getting cleaned properly. Some systems address this problem by using rotating sprayers that can move closer or further from the parts according to need, which can greatly help with this issue.

Jet power: Some parts washers do not have adjustable power on the spray nozzles, which means that some parts cannot get cleaned properly, while others can become damaged by water pressure strength. The best way to avoid this problem is to choose a parts washer with an adjustable spray power.

Motor problems: Parts washers can also have motor problems. Usually a high-powered motor is necessary to output the proper amount of spray. This causes wear on the gaskets and seals protecting the motor, necessitating their faster replacement. Please call us at 855-727-3261 to find the right parts washer system and detergents for your shop or plant.

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