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Can You Explain the Process for using Ultrasonic Parts Washers?


Ultrasonic parts washers use the science of mechanical vibrations above the range of human hearing to clean complex parts that may be small, or have nested parts, blind holes, or threaded bodies. Ideally suited for intricate construction where other cleaning methods may not work well, an ultrasonic parts cleaner can remove soils that are well bonded to parts.

Ultrasonic cleaners will consist of three main components:

  • A tank to hold the fluid and dirty parts
  • A generator to transform the line voltage into an ultrasonic signal
  • A transducer to convert the ultrasonic electrical signal into mechanical energy

An ultrasonic generator takes electrical energy from a power source and converts it to electrical energy at the desired ultrasonic frequency. A transducer converts the electrical energy to mechanical motion or sound. The motion or vibrations creates cavitation, which creates bubbles that implode and release the energy.

By forming slowly and collapse suddenly, cavitation releases incredible energy against the surface of objects immersed in the tank that “scrubs” hard to remove soils from the parts. This is very different than other parts washers that employ solvents to do most of the cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaners have a lot of user and environmental benefits:

  • Excellent for cleaning intricate parts
  • Works for removal of insoluble particulate
  • Simple to use, easy to maintain
  • No introduction of harsh chemicals
  • Low power requirements
  • Compact design for limited spaces

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