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Why Use Abrasive Blasting Systems?


One of the most, popular, affordable and effective options for mechanical cleaning of internal and external metal parts is the jet abrasive blasting. Using abrasive blasting clears the metal surfaces covered with dust, dirt, grease and just about any pollutant using blasting devices that blast a number of different materials on to the metal surface. There are many different types of material or “shot” used to clean metal parts in this manner and are referred to as abrasive blasting equipment and abrasive blasting shot.

Abrasive blast cabinets create a high-speed stream of abrasive materials that use force to clean metal surfaces. Abrasive blasting is a time-efficient, abrasive parts cleaning method that is also safe for the person cleaning the parts, as well as safe for the environment. Whether it is ceramic, steel shot peening, aluminum oxide or sand blasting methods, you can be sure to get great results with abrasive blasting systems.

Sand blasting is one of the most popular blasting equipment CT Industries supplies. By using a sand-air mixture, you can clean paint, rust and other unnecessary obstructions off of metal parts. Jet-abrasive blasting work can be carried out with specially designed indoor or outdoor blasting equipment.

Some machines are fully automated. Flow friction is formed by means of a centrifugal shot blasting machine. These systems are permanently installed in your shop for connection to your cleaning chamber or blast cabinet. Blast cabinets are made of wear-resistant steel and equipped with ventilation air and recirculation fraction systems. Please visit our website to see our line of air blast systems.

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