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The parts washing fluid is a key element in ensuring the continuing effectiveness of a parts cleaning function. Once our parts washing and surface cleaning systems are installed, CTI’s Fluid Management Service (FMS) will ensure that your cleaning system is performing at its highest efficiency. Our FMS consists of multiple services designed to monitor and adjust the condition of your cleaning fluids. Our service technicians will remove your spent detergent or parts washer solvent from the washer and place it into properly labeled containers for proper disposal. Similarly, any greases, oils, solids, and debris will be removed from the solution reservoir of the washer and placed into a properly labeled container for proper disposal. The unit will then be refilled with SCAQMD Certified detergent to the recommended concentration. A titration will then be performed to ensure the parts washer solvent or detergent is set at the proper concentration. If the unit has an oil skimmer or oil removal device, it will be thoroughly cleaned and oil residue placed in proper labeled container. After all services have been completed, a CTI service tech will check the unit for proper operation and lubricate all fittings if necessary, and place the unit back into production.

Effective parts cleaning is critical to the efficient operation of most manufacturing and repair businesses. CTI’s Fluid Management Service will take care of the parts cleaning function while your employees concentrate on your core business.

For more information, please contact: Josh Anfang, Sales and Marketing Coordinator,, (562) 773-6830

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