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Don’t Forget – Free Waste Minimization Audits


Sign up for your free audit now! A combination of the need to maintain clean manufacturing and operational processes and environmental regulations require that companies pay strict attention to the management of these processes and the waste materials that result. CT Industries is offering free audits that will evaluate the waste management procedures of area manufacturers and service businesses.

These Waste Minimization Audits will evaluate processes, recommend efficiency improvements and reduce costs associated with production process waste management. Managing the waste generated from production processes is essential, but can be time consuming and stressful. CT Industries maintains expert knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern the collection and disposal of all types of waste. CTI’s goal is to provide the most efficient and cost effective industrial cleaning services for managing these costly byproducts of production.

For more information, please contact: Josh Anfang, Sales and Marketing Coordinator,, (562) 773-6830.

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