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It’s one thing to provide industrial cleaning supplies, but at CT Industries we offer more. We sell cleaning supplies and we sell cleaning equipment. But our biggest advantage is our experience. Here in Los Angeles and Southern California, we work with small shops that use only basic processes, to large manufacturing operations in which parts cleaning is fully automated and integrated into the production process. In each case, the appropriate parts cleaning strategy depends on the type and scale of the operation. We can work with you to improve the efficiency of your parts cleaning function, or we can help design a cleaning system from scratch.

We will study your needs and recommend the type of industrial cleaning service that is most suitable. We use some of the best cleaning and blasting products in the market to ensure that the outcome on our projects is the best possible. We will recommend the best cleaning technology for the job, whether it is aqueous parts cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, passivation equipment or abrasive blasting. Or decision-making is simple; use the system that will provide the best ROI for the customer.

Please browse our website and review the hundreds of parts cleaning options that we offer. Or better yet, ask us to study your needs and recommend a solution that is both effective and economical.

For more information, please contact: Josh Anfang, Sales and Marketing Coordinator,, (562) 773-6830

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