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The Top 4 Benefits of Using Bead Blaster Equipment


What is bead blasting? It is a low-cost process of removing or cleaning surface deposits. Most objects need bead blasting that have metal surfaces like aluminum, titanium or stainless steel in automobiles. Bead blasting can also be used for the inexpensive removal of embedded calcium deposits from pool tiles, too.

High pressure in bead blasting guarantees quality surface cleaning without fear of any damage. We can even use bead blasting on thin metals.

When you have a need for bead blasting equipment, let CT-Industries. You can depend on our Los Angeles bead blaster knowledgeable representatives to help you find the equipment you need.

Why should you choose bead blasting over typical abrasive blasting?

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. It is very effective.

Do you want the surface to be thoroughly clean? Then you can trust our Los Angeles bead blaster services to clean not only the whole surface area, but also those hard to reach places of the object.

It will give a satin look finish. It turns out to have between a glossy and dull look. Depending on the object, the materials used in cleaning can be any of the following:


  1. Spherical particles of glass – the most common
  2. Silicon carbides
  3. Stainless steel beads
  4. Aluminum oxide
  1. It is affordable.

How much do you expect to spend in the cleaning process? The cost will mostly be for the labor charges rather than the beads. Additionally, the price can vary according to the size of the surface, the type of beads to use and material of the object. We provide free estimates for your application to get the right equipment for the job. We also provide training to use the equipment.

  1. It is environment-friendly.

Some beads are made from Earth friendly materials such as a soda lime or lead-free type of glass. These will not harm the environment even if the bead residue comes in contact with the water supply. The beads are chemically inactive or inert, meaning they are not a threat to humans and the surrounding environment.

  1. It provides protection from future scratches or other damages.

Once an object surface is bead blasted, it becomes hardened because of the compaction effect of the process. This will give it the resistance to withstand fatigue and other forms of deformities in the future. That is value for your money, as the life span of your object will increase.

Contact CT-Industries for Bead Blaster Services in Los Angeles

Protect your surfaces from rusts, erosions and further damages with our bead blasting equipment. Our bead blaster equipment and products are available near your location in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Contact CT-Industries for a quote on bead blaster equipment at 855-725-3261 or email us at

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