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The Variety of Abrasive Blasters Equipment and Uses


Abrasive blasting is the use of high-pressure abrasive material on surfaces. The process removes some elements of the material that can cause damage or corrosion. Abrasive blasting takes a few different forms.

Different Forms of Abrasive Blasting

Hydro-blasting uses high pressured water. It is highly ideal in removing substances like coating and paints without damaging the surface.

Micro-abrasive blasting makes use of small nozzles that can be used to write on glass.

Other techniques include automated blasting, wheel blasting, dry ice blasting, bristle blasting, and wet abrasive blasting.

Why Businesses Use Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Most businesses use abrasive blasting technology to remove corroded parts in metals to prevent rust from spreading.

Our Los Angeles abrasive blasters equipment representatives are available to help you with your surfaces. We help you select the right equipment to clean your surfaces with abrasive blasting.

There are different blasting solutions we offer as Los Angeles abrasive blasters product representatives. We have equipment that fits the kind of blasting you need so that you don’t waste money, labor, and materials. Surfaces after abrasive blasting end up looking cleaner and more refined.

Compared to normal hand cleaning, abrasive blasting takes less time to finish. Not only that, you can expect a better finish. If you were to hire someone to do it, a dollar’s worth of work is already productive for your surfaces.

If you plan on getting a surface painted, coated or plated, we recommend abrasive blasting first. Studies prove that abrasive blasting allows the substance to adhere better and easier.

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