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Top 5 Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for Production Lines


Looking for a blasting technique that helps you meet your production quotas? Want a green solution that is effective in sanitation? Dry ice blasting helps your business keep a clean manufacturing environment. It is a green solution that cleans your production machinery.

Here’re the Top 5 Benefits for Dry Ice Blasting in Los Angeles and Surrounding Area Businesses

  1. Dry ice blasting is efficient and quick. This method of abrasive blasting will not leave your production with too long of periods of down time. It allows you to clean-in-place most types of production machinery. In some cases, the machine is still running, and there’s no need to dismantle or cool down.
  2. Enjoy the benefit of a green solution. You do not have to use any additional materials or cleaning solutions to use dry ice blasting on your equipment. This abrasive blasting technique evaporates once it makes contact with the surface, so there’s no residue to clean up. You can also use this technique in your marketing materials that your company is green.
  3. Dry ice blasting provides a safer solution than using corrosive cleaning agents. This solution provides a safer environment in the workplace for your employees and the material you are producing.
  4. Eliminates damage to production equipment. Dry ice blasting does not damage equipment since it disappears on contact. It is safe to use on plastic and metal, as well as any other parts of the equipment.
  5. Schedule dry ice abrasive blasting on your time. This process is mobile and fits your production schedule whenever you need it.

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