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Types of Abrasive Blaster Techniques for Industrial Cleaning


Abrasive blasting equipment blasts surfaces with abrasive material, as the name of the technique, implies. The blast evens out surfaces, removing impurities. The process helps manufacturers with solutions to cleaning and surface preparation.

Types of Abrasive Blasting Equipment and Techniques

Water Abrasive Blasting – Water, or wet, based abrasive blasting is a gentle process. The benefits to using wet abrasive blasting techniques are to minimize damage to the surface. This medium also reduces the chance of foreign objects being blasted onto the surface.

Water cleans the surfaces and helps bonding and coating processes become easier and more efficient. This method saves on cost and time by blasting multiple items with one piece of equipment.

Bead Blasting – Surfaces are cleaned and polished by blasting fine glass beads across them. The technique uses high pressure, but unlike sandblasting, beads provide less damage. This method provides a quicker polish for delicate applications.

Some examples of where we use bead blasting include removing paint from automobiles and cleaning tiles.

Dry ice blasting – We blast dry ice at high speeds, which removes contaminates from the surface. Dry ice blasting uses the ice as the abrasive material instead of other substances and materials. Its benefits are that there is no residue.

Wheel Blasting – This is the best process to clean larger components and equipment. It uses no air or water. It presses abrasive material against the surface.

It is important to use a knowledgeable company who can match your situation with the right solution that will result in an effective resolution to your cleaning needs. CTI’s representatives are trained and provide the most effective solutions for Los Angeles industrial cleaning equipment.

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