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Why Immersion Parts Washing is the More Complete Parts Washing Method.


Immersion cleaning exposes all surfaces of the part, including blind holes and small crevices, to the cleaning solution. Simply put, immersions cleaners make more contact with parts than abrasive blasting equipment and spray washers.

By combining hands-off, total immersion cleaning, easy part load/unload, vertical lift platform agitation and optional offers the most intensive many systems are the most efficient available. Complex parts, stacked or nested parts are no problem for immersion cleaners and CT Industries carries some of the leading brands of immersion cleaning systems including .pump, agitation, ultrasonic parts washers by manufacturers such as Ramco, Crest Ultrasonics and Omega Sonics. Many of these cleaning systems have automatic controls that make them easiest-to-use. Our company also carries the ultrasonic cleaner solutions, and parts cleaner solvents needed to use these systems.

If your company uses a variety of machinery with odd shaped and intricate parts, you should consider immersion cleaning equipment. Call CT Industries at 855 725-3261.

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